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December 8, 2016


        A journalist with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. What better way to be part of a cause than to be the messenger of good news and an advocate that inspires change. The disorder affects 1 in 3 women world-wide, usually discovered during the pubescent years. PCOS is the stem of many other disorders and illnesses that more American face today than in any other decade past. Medical issues ranging from Infertility, Obesity, Diabetes, and Depression. This site is to show the masses how PCOS can affect our loved ones. Trying to find cures for the disorders and help women get pregnant and have the family they dreamed of. Watch me as I interview today's top Gynecologist's as they explain the newest in technological advances to aid in the extinction of this heartless disorder. Watch as I tackle pharmaceutical companies who mark up prices of prescriptions that work as treatment for PCOS, but are also used for other medical concerns. We as Americans have got to be aware of our health and ways to make our healthy choices count. Allow Uniquelyiesha.com to be the news broadcast to give you the information you need and want. I look forward to our growth and an even better change of life. 

For every women and couple struggling with fertility, negative outcomes can occur...

         Many women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome have a difficult time trying to conceive. So they seek out expert medical attention  to help them conceive a child. When individuals are in this postition they have almost impulsively started thinking about their options trying every drug, remedy, and method known to achieve their baby goals.

         For some women even when they have tried every method in the medical option roster it is still not effective. Granted fertility research and procedure has advanced in the past decade,  the result is not guaranteed to be successful for every patient.      

          When you have tried everything and it just did not work, what do we do next? Recently, The Steve Harvey talk show ran a segment which interviewed Becky Fawcett the Founder of helpusadopt.org. A remarkable women who started an organization to allow individuals the opprotunity to receive financial assistance for their adoption costs. The application process is easy, you download and print the six page application fill it out and mail it into the address given on their site.               

           Another women Steve had on the show was presented as a gift to Ms. Fawcett, this women was the foundations first success story. The women reflected on the process emphasizing how the organization is based in a non discriminatory standpoint. You can not be denied due to being a single parent, sexual orientation, educational background, etc. The customer satisfaction and success rate show promising results to individuals looking to start their family. The organization early raised over 2 million dollars since they have been established in 2007. They are definitely the organization that should be in your mind when pursuing adoption choices.     

         Also, let us not forget that this is a charitable organization so if you can donate... Do it. It is a new year start it off on a giving note. Give good karma, get good karma. Become more influential in your community. If you have the opportunity to help others you should. Every little effort goes a long way. 


In a Uniquely Iesha Consumer Report Update


        Unwanted hair is gone with the latest and what could be the greatest all natural no chemical treatment that you can make in the comfort of your own home. Recent studies show mixing the two herbs Thanaka powder and kasumba oil have long term effects for hair removal.

        The recipe is very easy and quick to make. Taking only minutes to make, The mixture is effective by applying and massaging on the selected area then allowing the remedy to sit for 2 hours. Rinse and repeating daily for the initial 2 weeks. Results will then start appearing, and in a few months you will be hair free.

           This treatment is safe for any area on your body. Experts advise you to keep in mind, make sure the Kasumba oil is the grade A type, as grade B or C is used as a skin whitener. Each item is available online ranging form 7-10$ plus the cost of shipping. 

Protein in Your PCOS Diet

           As women with Pcos we know insulin plays a defining role in the anatomy of a women. Which is why it is beneficial for high protein diets. If the women effected by have a higher protein diet it can reduces the amount of insulin that the body makes.

           Recently, I have become aware that just 2 Brazil nuts are the equivalent of the daily serving size of protein. One Brazil nut holds .7g of protein. If you just take a few precautionary measures you can increase the risks of healthier lifestyle. They sell a small packet of these nuts at your local gas station or convenience store ranging in prices of $.99 and $1.99. simply switch from that $1 bag of chips to the pack of Brazil nuts. It is much more filling and you will be satisfied a lot faster that ingesting chips and items with low to no nutritional value. Replacing soda with sports drinks and cheap juices with water are just little ways that can help the transitioning of healthier living. As women who are trying to conceive this is even more of a priority.

         Welcoming a life into your boy is like the family coming to stay for the holidays, before they come you must clean the house and get the place ready to accommodate these people. The same goes for your body when awaiting a baby, get your temple ready. Taking small steps can impact the success of your health when dealing with PCOS.



 General and casual personal statement of my battle with hirsutism, as a symptom of PCOS