About Me


What is Uniquely Iesha?


          Hello Everyone and thank you for coming to visit my site.

My name is Iesha Westmoreland, a 32 years young Journalist. I attained my Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass communications from Ashford University. I am always available to anyone anywhere in the globe to cover a news beat or any and all other journalism and communications services. Allow Iesha and UniquelyIesha.com to cover all your news and communications events.

           I also battle the medical disorder called Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. My journey has been a really trying one, and I have found a way to put my creative foot forward. Using the techniques I am learned from school, and self-study projects, I am spreading awareness for an epidemic so many women are fighting.

Watch my journey as I go from the journalism student to the world known journalist. In the process help me fight the PCOS battle and spread awareness by continuing to visit uniquelyiesha.com and be a part of all the fun events I have in store.

What is my Purpose

          Uniquelyiesha.com works with women's health groups trying to find medical breakthroughs in the field of science geared towards PCOS and issues it may counteract. Uniquelyiesha is a women's empowerment organization and charity that hosts fundraisers, support groups, medical coverage expense rights, host interviews with medical professionals on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Encouraging the need to spread awareness and advocacy any way we can. While donating charitable proceeds fertility practices with funds to help when with PCOS receive the procedures necessary.

          Let's not forget, A professional portfolio for all of my literary work and highlighting new products and services that help key aspects of women's health. Whiling providing assurance accordance to all journalism and communication laws and regulations. That value to privacy and concern of the sources and audience.


Meet the Team


Iesha Westmoreland

Founder & CEO

Head Creative Writer, Producer, Host

Scheduling interviews, events, and all booking matters

Creative talent to all projects and beats displayed on the site.


Marc G.

Vice President & Iesha's Manager 

Agent, Head of Security, Executive Coordinator



Hoep Lebo

Production Specialist

Footage Editor, Photographer, Visual Director