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SUPER NAILS- Riverdale, GA

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish

Solar Nails Brilliantly Done By Eve



May 16th, 2017 Super Nails on the corner of Hwy 138 and Old National Hwy in Riverdale, Ga.

The need for the visit was a fill-in, and one broken nail repair.

      I have been in the past once before. The technicians name has left my memory. I was not pleased she wanted to file down the thickness of my nails. She kept saying your nails are so thick. I am like yes I know. And I would like you to make your fill in this way as well. I then instructed her to use triple the amount of she would normally use on someone else. I felt as though I must address it since she seemed to be spitefully using such a minimal amount of powder you would think we were in the great depression. I still do not like the thickness it is not what it was or remotely how it should be. I was not pleased on how much she filed them down. I did not even realize she was taking off so much. I am so mad. Customer satisfaction is not there strong suit. Halfway through my session my technician and her co-worker restrategize the techicians to accommodate the sudden flow of customers entering the salon. My technician stopped working on my nails to start a new client while another technician tended to me. This tect was named Emily.

      A friend of mine was there with me. She frequents this establishment often since it is so close to her job. She informed me that Emily does her nails. My friend likes the work she does. Sometimes speaks of complaints from the work but, she keeps returning.

     Emily finished filing my nails and then buffed them. When it came to gel top coat it was an even rust attempt for a polish application. I had to tell her she missed some spots. The whole session took one hour and cost $28.00. I got a glow-in-the-dark powder with black and white glitter. I had this color last year around this time. The only difference is this one glows and the other was a regular or gel polish. If you go to Super nails they will do good work you should just pay attention. Make sure it is to your standards. 

Solar Nails Brilliantly Done By Eve

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish

Solar Nails Brilliantly Done By Eve


       Tuesday August 16th, I decided it was time to get a fresh set of nails back on these fingers. The wait has over...  Eve, their resident manicurist was the perfect person to ring in a much needed Uniquelyiesha nail return. After a two month sabbatical from acrylic powder and gel polish my nails were ready to become bedazzled again. While out running errands i stopped in Solar Nails in Jonesboro , GA. It is an establishment i have driven by on many occasions and always wondered about their level of satisfaction.
       The experience was great. Fun friendly technicians who offer a level skill that i found out be very satisfying. This visit i changed up my normal desired shape of square, and choose stiletto. That long sleek claw like nails. So seductive yet mysteriously scary. The color what a vibrant shade of blue with silver sparkle rush strokes.

Gorgeous... I was so pleased with my experience.

      At first the process was going slow but once Eve got to the acrylic out the process went much better. The whole experience was very relaxing. I love this stiletto look on me. I was unsure before hand but i felt like i did want to try. I am very pleased. This nail experience ran me $35.00, it included stiletto long length style nails shaped and formed from an acrylic full set powder applications. I encourage everyone go see Eve and tell her Uniquely Iesha sent you.

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish


        I have been infatuated with this new emoji shaped glitter polish. For the past few nail visits I attempted to get them, but they was also a reason not to. The first few times the polish dried out, or the places did not offer it. During my recent trip to Solar nails that had it. So I picked that one as a top coat to my periwinkle powder blue base coat. That is when my manicurist told me that, that polish is not that good quality wise for my styling preference. She enlightened me that the polish applies too thick I order for the emojis to come out right. She herself has tried it on herself as well as clients with different nail style types. Each one proves to show the finished product does not hold to customer and professional satisfactory standards. Color Club is a great nail supply company however, some consumers feel they should reevaluate some of the mixtures in their laboratories. 

When Family Nail Salon Misses the Mark

When Family Nail Salon Misses the Mark

Consumer report Color Club Emoji Nail Polish


              Today November 16th I revisited my neighborhood nail salon in Jonesboro, GA. I was not impressed. The technician was a young women that did not seem to get the hint of listening to the customers demands. The process looked less than elementary. I could have done a better job myself while being under demonic possession. the polish is lumpy the acrylic application is minimal even though I specifically asked for thick. I am just not impressed, in fact I was a bit on the irritated side. How can you be a nail technician and do such work that looks like it should be done by a five year old. 


When Family Nail Salon Misses the Mark

Tres She Talons continued


             When nail salons take the next step to make their name known they should take note from Australian based salon Tres She Talons. I found the salon while scrolling through Instagram. The work is exceptional. I quickly reached out to the pages owner and asked for their location because I just had to have that design done. Needless to say when I was informed of their location being in Australia I was pretty bummed. That feeling did not last. The spokesperson went on to enlighten me that they deliver press on nails that they decorate with their signature sparkling. Is that not the best idea? Giving the clients or potential clients the option to have that sparkly glittery experience no matter where they are is huge. It is changing the game of nail production as we know it. They can be reached via their Instagram page and the company website 

Tres She Talons continued

When Family Nail Salon Misses the Mark

Tres She Talons continued



Wedding Nails by an Old Favorite

Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...

Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...


      Greenbriar's own Le Nails, nail salon is an great salon I frequented a few years back. I stopped going due to the technician that did my nails was no longer employed with that salon.

          My cousin still goes there though, so when my wedding day came around she said let's go. Knowing I would not be unsatisfied with the result I rushed on over. The work and production of the product was impeccably done. I choose white polish of course with a gold sparkle accent. My wedding colors with an elegant bridal look. I  love them. They were done on the day of my wedding on October 26th and as of November 16th the need for a fill was slightly noticeable. I could have easily went another week or two with those nails before a fill seems necessary. They were not as thick as I prefer but the finished product was so elegant and bridal worthy they just had to be shown and worn with love.

       I received a full set with glitter polish on two nails as decoration. This appointment cost $30.00.


Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...

Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...

Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...



         February 5th, The Chinese New Year. Great time to kick off another anxiously anticipated nail salon review. I decided to choose Nail Talk & Spa, located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia’s Buckhead region. The address is 2549 Piedmont Rd Atlanta, GA. 30324. On the Sydney Marcus Side of Lindbergh Plaza. While running business earns to the decided to pay them a visit. I have researched some salon reviews and when I came across the reviews for Nail Talk, it left me curious. With a rating of 2.3 and mixed insights yet similar bottom line to their visit, I felt a need to find out for myself. I did not want to think of an unsatisfactory preforming establishment in such a high-profile notorious area. You would think that only the best would be operating in that area. The reviews mentioned experiences of poor customer service, long waits, and unhappy outcomes.

       Getting into my experience today made me empathize with the other reviewers. I arrived at 1:00, was not seen until 1:37. You see as it being the Chinese New Year not a lot of employees decided to come to work. In fact, there was only one manicurist on. Her name is Anna. A kind woman with a great eye for attention to detail. In perspective of time maybe a little too much time on detail.      

        The whole procedure took a good 2 hours. Probably the most time I have ever spent getting my nails done. The style I received was a stiletto shape in a gel powder full set. The polish was completed using the Gelish polish companies 406 for a base and 470 sparkle topcoat. While both colors were complemented beautifully together, the manicurist only did two layers of the 406 on all nails except the right thumb nail. That nail received 3 coats. It makes my nail color look uneven, I do like the color that 3rd coat left. All nails are still beautifully done though. The shape is accurately filed and curved.

The customer service was accommodating. Not like the reviews stated. The manicurist paid close attention to the customers and frequently apologized for their wait time. For a Tuesday afternoon there was a surprising number of clients in the establishment. Both man and women. Men getting pedicures while there were women getting both pedicures and manicures. I would have thought it would not have been as crowded considering it is the middle of the day on a weekday. I thought it would have been dead. Never the less, they were busy, customers were being taking care of in the best time frame the manicurist’s and pedicurists could do. Yes, they wanted to rush, but they also wanted to give their customers the best service they could. I could see that in their performance and interactions with the clients. Clients came in on a few occasions during my visit that hadn’t been there in a while and the salon staff remembered them. Telling them how much they were missed. I thought of it as very nice. To know the volume of the clientele they receive and to remember them was something to be taken in.

                I would like to thank my bestie for coming with me and keeping my company. That helped me feel a little at ease about the timing. If I was there all alone it would have probably been a bit more painstaking. Although before my friend showed up Anna and I were exchanging great conversations. Anna was enlightening me on new nail products as well as nail care techniques. I mentioned how all 2018 I let my nails breathe and gave the acrylic and gels behind. She said yes that’s good you should do it often. I told her that I would just paint them with a clear nail harder, to try and strengthen them. Anna followed up with OPI’s Envy was a great product for that. She has used it on quite a few people including her daughter to maintain healthy real nails and the results were amazing for all who tried. I was impressed looking at the results and listening to Anna’s great knowledge of nail products.

Now ready for the damage,???... 

              The grand total of this trip cost $65.00. Anna told me that it is usually a $70.00 total, but she took $5.00 off for making me wait on her so long. That price was accommodating to a fresh full set, two gel polish colors. When it is written down and broken down does not seem like $65.00 worth of an effort. The overall look seemed highly similar to the look I have spent $30-40.00 worth of by other salons. Showing you that location can change many things of an establishment.


Sunny Nails Review

Nail Talk is nothing to talk about...

Sunny Nails Review



***I have decided to start writing and publishing the reports a day or two before my next visit. The first few days of the experience everything is good then like a week and a half into having them one pops off and I feel like a gave a wrong review. Not that I lied on the reports of the establishment I just want people to know the long-term effects from that salon. So, from now on all reports of each salon will be published 2 weeks after the visit. ***


            On Tuesday February 26th, I paid a visit to Sunny Nails located in the heart of Atlanta’s downtown business district. Just footsteps from Five Points Train Station.  A quiet establishment during the day. Although that’s probably not the case at night. You see they have a tattoo parlor at the rear of the shop. That I am sure brings in a big crowd. The establishment was a typical, essentially stocked and decorated salon. I don’t think they went too extravagant due to the area. To have nice stuff in there is asking for a robbery. Not saying the area is a big located, it just brings individuals of all sorts. The area is notorious for being a hangout for rambunctious youth, less fortunate individuals and wanderers of the city.

              The duration of time spent on the project was an hour. Not bad… Considering my last day long experience. They had to perform surgery on my nails too. And it still only took an hour. The prior located I visited had my nails popping off by the day. I came in for a fill… and get this, 4 repairs. The 4 repairs were from the inadequacy of Nail Talk of the previous review. I am not pleased that I am just making 2 weeks and I am receiving such intolerance from a nail application.

            Two manicurists had to work on my nails. One I am assuming was not as experienced as the other, so one had to step in to perform the repairs and fill-in. That was a manicurist by the name of Casey. After her application of gel powder for the fill-in, I gave my inspection. As I always do. Checking the thickness, uniformity, and overall work. It was not as thick as I normally get them, but they still were an adequate thickness. The while she was filing and shaping, she asked if she cud trim the sides. Just to shape them better to a more uniform shape to blend the repairs.  Everybody raved to me how much they admired the shape of the nails. The color was gorgeous. The mood perfect black to smokey grey. My husband loved them as black is his favorite color. Also, he loves my mood changing nails. The nails and repairs cost $50.00. The overall visit was fine, my nails stayed on the full two weeks. One did pop off, but no lifting from the others. Sunny nails on Peachtree is a fine place, go later and get your hands feet and a tattoo.

           They have a professional demeanor with an intense desire to provide excellent customer service. Go in and see for yourself.


 Old National Highway

            My trip to VIP Nails on Old National highway in Riverdale, GA was the experience to be remembered. The staff was exceptional in customer service. The shop honestly was one of the best managed nail shops I have ever attended. Everyone had a job and business flowed effortlessly. The shop manager would be stationed at the front desk, answering phone calls, and assigning manicurists to customers. Each member of the staff was seen with regular customers awaiting their services. It seemed each staff member was occupied with faithful returning clients.

           The establishment was elegant to say the least. Clean, and spacious, with beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceiling. Gold accents and trimming adorned the molding. Mint green painted walls with light brown furniture. Peaceful and tranquil is the vibe you get when visiting the salon. They have hip-hop radio playing over the intercom. Giving the patrons fun fresh tunes to entertain their ears while enjoying the pampering that’s taking place. VIP Nails is even equipped with Wi-Fi for their guests. How many other salons offer that? Not too many I have seen.

               My experience during the process was lovely. I got in the chair around 12:08 am Saturday afternoon. The day was March 16th. I planned to get their early because I was certain if I waited longer to go later in the day, I would have to wait what would seem like hours for my turn. Granted, the shop was full even at 12 pm. Not bad due to the even flow and progress of the establishment. Even having a packed establishment, the turnover of clients seemed to be effortless. I only had to wait not even 2 minutes for the manicurist to sit and start. The process only took an hour. I did have a repair, but nothing as drastic as the last time. For this visit it was mainly a fill-in process. 

            They have such beautiful colors to choose from. With an immense supply of different types of polish. At first, I was going to do a nude mood changing color, but the color it turned to, looked to purple for me. I then went with my next choice, DND’s 546 Night by Sea Gel Polish. The color is brilliant. Tones of blue and black with shimmers of silver. The color is quite captivating. After the 2-week period almost three weeks no nails came off. No lifts, no chips, no negative reactions to the job done at VIP Nails. Between their great service, beautiful establishment, and longevity to the nails. I would have to put VIP nails on my top 5 of Nail Salons in Georgia.

The total for the visit was a well-deserved $50.00


Nails by Natalie and Nina- Atlanta, GA


I arrived at Nails by Natalie and Nina on Saturday April 13th, 2019 at 12pm. Located on the West End side of Atlanta. Located across the street from the West End Mall; the side facing Planet Fitness and the main entrance to the mall. The establishment looks ordinary. Pink painted walls which seems to be a complementary color for a customary salon. Nail desks and pedicure booths are presented in a way that provides a satisfactory amount of space to fill the salon without looking cramped. The nail colors are minimal if you like gel polishes. For regular lacquer polish the selection is a more generous offering.

Clients seem to fill up the establishment by 12. While management is on point and attentive to the customers. 2 minutes after my arrival the salon manager approached me and asked me what my reason for frequenting the salon was. I began to tell her I wanted a fill, cut down and for my nails to be turned into square from the stiletto cut. She told me that it would be $40 which is a good price for the procedure rendered. I was upset however they did not have glow-in-the-dark gel powder. I picked out a trustee gel polish.

During the process the manicurist was very unsure of my instructions and needs. I had to keep reiterating that I wanted my nails cut down to meet my real growth of my real nails. She was so unsure she had to enlist the help of the salon manager, who was a veteran in the nail business. I explained my ideal look and how I wanted it executed and she began to fix them up without hesitation. Once she did it and explained to the manicurist assigned to my procedure, the manicurist took over again. While she fixed up the nails they still were elementary in execution.

I must make note that the salon chairs are very nice. A different touch from the normal desk style chairs on wheels that are normally in a shop, these have wooden legs with a brown faux alligator skin leather cushioning. It looks very elegant. It complements the nail desks well. The nail desks are a wooden panel Formica with white accents. I didn't get the manicurist name. There was not much conversation. Total finish time was 1:50, we started at 12:30 12:40. As the manager stated initially the whole process cost $40 and that's with the fill, cut down, and of course gel mood changing polish. I know I said thick, but these nails look like big blue chicklets gum pieces sitting on my fingers. Even though it is thick like I like there is some better shaping that could have been done.

Nail Studio- NW Atlanta, GA

  I arrived at the nail salon at 5 p.m. The establishment’s name is “Nail Studio” on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, GA. Located in the Kroger Plaza right off Highway 75. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, by 5:25 I still was waiting for the process to begin. The establishment runs at a very slow pace. I have been waiting for an hour and I am just starting to receive the procedure, at 5:55. There were 4 manicurists working all assisting other clients. It was not that busy for a Saturday afternoon or Saturday at all for that matter. I could see if it was a booming Saturday at the salon, but that busy rush the establishment surely was not.
The establishment is small; 5 manicure chairs and desks and 8 pedicure stations. The color scheme is a very beige and white neutral tone. Light faux pine Formica style cabinets, desks and furniture.
       At 6:54 is when the technique finished resulting in an approximate payment amount of $38. Overall interest or fun with the procedure was very low to minimal it was pretty much just had to get it done type thing.
        My tech was a young kid who thought he knew everything. He made my blood boil with his arrogant ignorance that plagues this generation. He tried to tell me how to or how I should get my nails done. He then proceeded to say; “well I don't like nails like that that's not why I did it like that.” If I'm paying for a service, do a service to me it's not how you want to do it but how I want it done. I am not his girlfriend his mother or any association to him to have that much of an influence on my nail preferences. When the procedure was done, and I gave him the money I only gave him a $2 tip. I did not give him any other amount of money higher than that because I felt that it wasn't deserving. I did not want to give him the $2, but something said, “you know what? I hate your attitude, although it was still an overall okay procedure, my nails are still done regardless of his little young naive adolescence feedback in preferences.” I'm a huge fan of the color though it is a shimmery pink it is called Pink Angel by DND gel polish.
           So all in all I will not visit them again unless, it is for extreme measures. Between the time frame and service of the technician I am not impressed or pleased. 

Classic Nails- East Point, GA


In a tucked away section of East Point Georgia holds a fabulous nail salon by the name of Classic Nails right on Washington Rd. It shares a plaza with Piggly Wiggly, Boost Mobile, Metro PCS, some hair salons and a few convenience stores. While I was visiting my family in the area, I saw it and asked them if they ever ben and if they liked the service. When they told me they did and how they thought it was a fine establishment I knew it would be a great location for my next review.

Saturday July 6th to be exact; I went to check them out. I arrived to the establishment at 4:25 pm. The salon manager instantly sat me in the manicurist station. For the first time my husband came with me. It was exciting to have him see the process I come home and rant or rave to him about. Plus, I love doing things with him that he likes to do so this was a great turn of events. For once he was in my girl cave. I had him help me pick a color which was one of my favorite colors to date. Plus, it was not that big of a deal for him to be there watching since they use power tools. If you insert power tools in any activity involving him it is sure to be a winner. So, he was watching listening to my direction I gave the manicurist, commenting “I can do that, you should let me do your nails sometime”. The manicurist did a wonderful job though. Very attentive with great precision. Honestly, I was shocked that the whole process was finished by 4:55 pm. I think that was the quickest time I had ever experienced getting a fill and being in the salon. Not to mention with a great finished result. The color is frozen waves by DND nail polish believe the color number is 406. The fill and color cost $35.00.

Not bad at all. Of course, leaving a $5.00 tip. The color was gorgeous. I was in owe of my nails. The sparkle was mesmerizing.  I would definitely say they lasted well over a month. Unfortunately, the color did not. One organization thought the color was too vibrant for the conventionally expectations of their establishment. (but that is a different story).

On Saturday the 20th of July I had to  is when I had to go and get a polish change and a cut down I was in the area of VIP Nails so I stopped in there.

The best nail salon is hard to find...

        Allow to tell you about that nail salon before you get there. My investigative abilities blended with my knowledge of proper nail salon procedures and service will be the ideal way you can ensure your nails come out just as you envision. 

Nice Nails 12/17

 Jonesboro, GA- Today I wondered into Nice Nails on Upper Riverdale rd. in Jonesboro, where I was greeted by a friendly staff. The salon was empty as I usually like to frequent. I received a fill from a manicurist by the name of Kathy. She was so sweet. Making sure my nails were to my liking while at the same time providing excellent customer service. Kathy started usual salon small talk, yet made it very engaging. Once she was finished I went to the color tech her name is moon. Moon polished my nails with this fabulous mood changing color perfect for a Christmas. The whole process took 1 hour and cost $30.00. They were such a great experience and it was a much needed visit. Everyone stop in and have moon and Kathy pamper your cuticles. The shop is small yet quaint. When I walked in I thought it would be perfect to rent out for wedding party preparations. Fun staff, wonderful color display, and a great eye for attention to detail. 

Nail Boutique & Spa


             College Park, GA- Sunday February 19th, I decided to visit College Park’s own Nail Boutique and Spa on River Station Blvd.

Finding a nail salon in GA after 5 is slim pickings. One must get in where they fit in so to speak. I was close in the area leaving a client and decided to try them out. Big mistake. The establishment was very small and the positioning of the equipment made the space very tight feeling.   

             Also, the establishment itself was covered in the dust of the acrylic powder. The tables had mounds of acrylic powder dust in all the creases as if the tables were never wiped down. The frames which houses the mirrors, the dying station, the ceiling decorations that hang above you; all those things were covered in acrylic powder and dust. Although the technician did listen to detail when I informed him to make sure the layer of acrylic powder was thick and generously spread. The process was still unreassuringly awkward. When it came time for the polish the quality of work was done in almost an adolescent naive manner. I only received one fast, rushed coat of polish that wasn't evenly distributed. I thank God I had no cuts, I did go to an urgent care to examine my hands. The order I chose was a full set of acrylic nails with a general polish choice. The gel mood color selection was very scarce. I would say they had about 15 colors. I asked for the glow in the dark and he showed me mood changing. I was not impressed. There was no conversation and the establishment encompassed a dull atmosphere. The price of the full set cost $23.00 yet the value of the work estimated at $10.00. Nail Boutique and Spa should change before they find themselves in the unemployment line.


Passion Nails- Atlanta, GA


Atlanta’s new up-in-coming hot spot area Highland Hills houses a hip and trendy nail salon. Passion Nails located at 243 North Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA. Located in just minutes from the Inman Park area of eastern Atlanta. This salon holds their self above the rest with their slogan “Finest nail salon for men and women”. With a slogan like that they would want to maintain their title as being a cut above the rest.  Stacy was my manicurist.

I arrived at the salon at 4:04pm on a Wednesday afternoon. The date was August 28th. The place was not crowded but still had a respectable number of customers for a Wednesday afternoon. When I enter the salon, I was greeted by management right away. I then was directed to pick a color. By 4:08 or 4:09 I was sat in the chair and the process commenced. By 5:05pm I was finished, and the color I chose was OPI’s 102 Princesses Rule.

The color selection is fine, adequate to appease many types of styles women love and that are trending. The establishment was nice, clean cut and a fabulous symmetry between the salon structure, and décor design. Impressive manicurist stations that are bar style desks. Classy with a touch of modern retro. The walls are white with sporadic faux brick accent decals throughout the establishment. They offer the clients beverage choices of water, soda, beer and wine, while they get their nails or toes done. Very nice touch in my opinion in the hospitality department. Ample pedicure and manicure stations are there to accommodate an ideal mass of clients.

The session cost $55.00. The fill, and gel polish. The reason for the price honestly, I believe is the location. The actual work done was $35.00s worth of work at best. When you to go to establishments in locations such as these, their rent is higher so your session price must be raised to accommodate the location and building fees. Do I think it is worth it? I kind of have mixed feelings about. Yes, its good work, yes, I am paying for location; but could there be something more to make us feel like we are not just paying your rent absolutely.


VICKI'S Nails-Riverdale, GA

       I arrived at 3:15 pm to VICKI'S Nails in Riverdale, GA. The date was Monday September 23rd, 2019. I was instructed to sit shortly after arrival by the shop manager. It wasn't crowded, although the 5 people were in there were regulars. The decor of the establishment was dated in design motif to say the least. There were yellow painted walls, 5 pedicure stations, and 5 manicure stations. Minimalism was the theme that seemed to ring true in this place. For sure.

         Even though there were yellow walls the place still had a dark vibe. There was a less than adequate color selection. Just a few cat-eye colors. The manicurist's name is Molly. An insightful knowledgeable woman, who really had a respectably substantial amount of facts about her craft n regional competition. She was a little rough with the Dremel and file. She cut me a few times.

         I went in to the salon with an anticipated desire for a stiletto shape filed down from my square nails, with a nude to gold cat-eye polish. My desire was diminished when they not only didn't have the color, Molly told me she couldn't file them down to stiletto due to my nails being so thick. She said that would be too much for her, it would kill her hands. Plus, since my nails were real, I would be putting them in a position to become misshapen and start to lift. From what I got out of that was, she didn't want to do it period. I was not in the mood to cause a ruckus so I choose a cat-eye polish that would not look like trash on my hand. I had all of 5 colors to choose from. The DND Cat-eye number 2 was the color I chose.

By 3:55 pm I was walking out of the door with a price tag of $33. Even though I did not get the desired design I still tipped her $5 for her insightful knowledge of nail salon regional demographics. It was pretty impressive. She knew that Riverdale alone holds 300, and what Asian ethnicity own a majority of certain business establishments, and other fact such as those.

             So, all in all would I revisit, probably if a polish change or repair was needed.





       Top Nail on Hwy 85 in Riverdale. It shares a plaza with Kroger and other stores. Even though it is just a mile away from the last salon I reviewed. Boy! What a mile can change.

       I arrived at the shop at 5:25pm, the date was October 21st. Lacey was the manicurist. This salon visit was very important to me. My anniversary date was approaching, and I wanted a certain style. I got the same design I got for my wedding day. The difference was the shape. For the wedding I had stiletto cut and my anniversary nails are square. Also, for the wedding the polish was matte, and these are glossy. As well as a non-intentional added difference of rhinestones on my index finger. 


           I was sat shortly after arrival. To enter the salon was a clean, fresh, crisp, calming, and inviting experience. The establishment has white walls, downward facing lotus flower lighting. The pedicure stations chairs are beige and brown, brown-legged faux marble manicure stations, complimented with white and beige ceramic tile flooring. There is 12 manicure station and 14 pedicure stations.

        Finally, a welcoming experience with the nail tech Lacey. An older more proficient professional in the nail salon industry. For her to know my demands and concerns with the process in which I expect my nails to look was refreshing to say the least. She knew about thick nail fill-in technique. Especially when they are long. Most salons just do the top where the grow out shows, but I have long nails and I get gel polish that must be dremeled off. When you use the Dremel it shaves off not only the polish but the acrylic gel base. It is like most nail techs forget or do not care that the thickness of the nail becomes thinner. I do not like that of you take some off be prepared to replace it. After all, if you see me walk in with thick nails obviously I like them that way. So, keep up the momentum and keep them thick. I only had to ask her to check my nails for lifting. 

         The process was over at 6:55 pm and held a price tag of $45.00. Was it worth it? Absolutely, a great job. One bad thing about it was after week 3 my left index finger lifted. Would I return I would? Do I encourage others to go? I would as well.

The 2 for 1 Review

77 Nail Spa

Family Nails 2, So Welcoming

Family Nails 2, So Welcoming


            All around Atlanta and a whole morning wasted trying to venture out to place that was no longer there. Well to my dismay along with a few other places. I was forced to find another one. I decided to make it easier on myself and just go downtown on Peachtree in the heart of downtown; Atlanta's Five Points/ Underground area. There are quite a few nail salons in the area. I was sure to find one. So, I stumbled into 77 nail spa.

            I arrived at 77 Nail Spa at 12:04 on November 20th. I have been to a few other nail salons on that strip and they both seem to be pretty unsatisfactory to my standards. I went to 77 Nail Spa because I had a nail lifting, and it was to the point where I just needed to get it done. I needed a place. Note to everyone… If you're looking for something to just satisfying a need and you just go with whatever is close probably is not the best bet… But, what can I say, it was time for a new review. I hadn't had a review from this company, so I went in. Upon arrival I was immediately sat. The place is acceptable in appearance; 6 pedicure stations, 15 manicure stations; and walls are painted sunflower yellow.

          I inquired about the manicurist using more gel acrylic powder to make my nails thick since he filed them down to the thickness of a piece of paper. I was told they cannot give me a sufficient fill in. They do not give the customers much selection or choices. Ordinary color selections, minimal design in nail work technique and structure. They had like I would say maybe 15 mood changing colors all of which were pretty on the basic side not the one that I wanted as well.  They are horrible. They do the bare minimum just to stay in business. In fact, I don't know how establishments like this stay in business as they do. It's probably such as customers like me that just needed a quick fill in or any nail work and that's how these places stay afloat. It definitely is not because of their customer service and nail work, I can tell you that for sure. They could not do anything I wanted. Or they wouldn't do it for that matter. I even had a color in mind, a beautiful nude color. I showed him the picture within seconds he didn't even look at it. He said, “no we don't have that color yeah pick one of these. You're not even going to see what your client wants. It was so quickly dismissed that I was just like wow nothing huh. I got to a point I was so mad I just had them do a regular ordinary fill in and left. The manicurist was sitting there continuously asking if I wanted color. No because every color I want you don't have. I paid my bill of 25$ and left. The process was done by 12:45.

       The result from this was that even the look of my nails was just horrible. There was all wasted powder and caked on hardened gel powder on my cuticle and fingers. I not only had to go to another location for polish, but they had to fix every nail again.  I basically had to get a brand-new fill in.

Family Nails 2, So Welcoming

Family Nails 2, So Welcoming

Family Nails 2, So Welcoming


          A customer at work had gorgeous nails one day. I asked her about them, and she told me about where she frequents. We talked about nails her whole visit. Sharing stories. She gave me the Instagram of her manicurist. Upon the Instagram account viewing, I was very impressed. Family Nails 2 located on Upper Riverdale Road in Jonesboro Georgia, is where I went for my fixer upper from the catastrophe that was 77 nail spa. I arrived there at 11:00 on November 25th. One look at these nails and the salon owner Sim could immediately see that it was a horrible fill-in job. Even stating that it looks like the manicurist was in the beginner stages of nail work. She sat me with Kim the manicurist, immediately.

         The establishment was a nice salon. The salon housed 7 manicurist stations, and 6 pedicure stations. Orange walls complimenting granite topped tables, and minimal decor. All employees were very pleasant and welcoming, as well as excellent nail artists. Their entire process is shown great attention to detail. Providing client rest assure their nails are in proper hands. Showing appreciated value of their craft.


         I had to pretty much get a whole new fill-in. I needed them thicker and painted. I was looking for a particular color, they didn't have it (I later found out it wasn’t a polish but a SNS style color powder). Kim found me a color as close to it as she could. It was a great color. The color was Tan Cream by Nobility. It was like a surgical procedure one would think, the way every nail had to be reconstructed to look like an actual nail expectation. I was finished at 12:45. The price tag was $50, after a 20% discount.

       Family Nails 2 offers a 20% discount on select nail procedures Monday through Saturday. I loved attending that salon. I encourage everyone to frequent Family Nails 2. They are a great salon.