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 A website geared to spreading awareness of the medical disorder known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (or PCOS); while adding a touch of a pick me up with nail salon reviews, in a way only Uniquely Iesha can. This site publishes articles and research papers written by ME... Iesha Westmoreland. An Investigative Journalist and Author. 

This website is Iesha's Unique way to broadcast.


In addition to Uniquely Iesha's core topics I also provide Freelance Journalism services to all companies. Specializing in paranormal, travel, medical, political, and consumer relations reporting.

I am exceptionally competent in Public Speaking and Extemporaneous Speaking, Internal Communication Specialties, Author, High-Profile Figures Controversial Scandal Eliminator, Master of Ceremonies Host, and Television Host.

As well as communications specialties of conflict management resolution for professional environments, Arbitration, and any communications concerns. Literary pieces include biographies, exclusive interviews for your desired topic, research papers, company articles, newsletters, etc.

Once you explore the Uniquely Iesha website you can understand why your project needs my "Unique" touch.


This website is my brand portfolio. It is designed to allow anyone the ability to read my work. Also allowing anyone who is interested the contact information so that we may become potentially new business partners.

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