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Defining Myths with the Modern Haunting Characters We Love


Vampires, and werewolves. It isn’t just topics for a box office hit. I believe with every fiction comes fact. There must be some form of experience or encounter that allows someone to make up a story. Even from the beginning of time an individual’s life had to have been influenced by something they saw within something else. Take for instance, the invention of fire came from an early primitive caveman who saw one of the first forest fires. He must have thought what happened to this extremely intensively hot, destructive force that is whipping out their home. While they were trying to figure out how to put it out they were also probably wondering how, and if they were to make it themselves. The values the fire possesses can hold value to their life. The heat source, the light, the potential to use it as weapon of protection. All these values came to them with just one element. Let’s uncover the reason for the storytelling of vampires, and werewolves that are the subject for the box office hit saga Twilight. While recapping their history and reason for change in a new era.

The use of monsters in storytelling does promote survival in a vulnerable population. Although, it should be considered a double-entendre. It is most certainly possible that the Sugiyama’s theory of monster telling is a premise to promote survival motivation. However, it also reveals vulnerability within the region. With most stories there is facts that allow you to see the narrator’s direction for the story. It strikes the fear of the unknown which is the vulnerability aspect of it. While simultaneously promoting the motivational aspect a region needs to survive. Giving the recipient of the story a chance to wonder what they would do if they too were in that position. Making them aware that they must be for anything on their journey’s no matter how unheard of the situation may be.

When we understand the core of storytelling there are elements that we must follow. Norenzayan and contributors start with a term called Ontology. Ontology is the element that enables the recipient to make core assumptions of categorizing what is being said. Once that is established then you can sub categorize the subject by the detail.

The Box office hit saga Twilight started the next trending take on vampires and werewolves. Based on the book written by Stephanie Meyer and directed by Catherine Hardwicke make an iconic revision to the old vampire story. The story is filled with a romantic encounter between people from two different worlds that would be considered dangerous yet captivating. A war between to monsters fighting for the same woman. The premise for the twilight saga in this age is to bring acceptance to a love interest that may be considered socially inappropriate. Bringing two mystical monsters that are unknown enemies together to fight for a common good. Yes, it does instill the vulnerability in a region, but most importantly how to overcome obstacles when trying to reach your dreams or goals. The counterintuitive elements relate both to survival and reproduction. This would in fact validate the Sugiyama’s suggested theory. The element of the story uncovers lively factors that one may encounter. The vampire known for being cold blooded and fear, while the werewolf provides heat and security. Two things one thinks of when picking a mate. Twilight encourages its audience to follow your heart. Do not give into social norms and do not judge a book by its cover. Live, learn, and stay mindful of the desires you want.

I personally feel that the premise of storytelling has changed from oral to literate due to the way it was told. It is like the telephone game. When you start a story or message it does not stay the same by the time it gets to the next person. The stories main content gets watered down and mixed up in translation. I believe the reason for oral and literate storytelling strategies changed so we can preserve the main key points of the story before it loses the sole purpose of the story. Also, to maintain validity during the period it is released.

There is no doubt that vampires, werewolves, and mermaids are going to live on in fairy tales for years to come. They have been around for centuries with no B of dissolving. Each generation just interrupts them in a new light so that, that generation will carry on the legacy of the story, but keep the reason for supernatural elements on the story. The vampires, werewolves, and mermaids in modern folktale embody the acceptance of relationships that are socially unacceptable. What will the next generations take on these mythical monsters be.

Students Prepare For Your New Journey


Students should be ready to invest in their life at the same time they are investing in their careers. Learning such information concerning increasing your capital and economical perspective goals is vital to help you when achieving the full portion of the fruits of your labor. Your career has its own market, and so does your money. Just as important as it is for your clients and customers to get the best for their money, that same rule applies to the actual money you are gaining as well.

In terms of your money 3 types of Markets drive the economy. Free-Market, Command Market, and when the two co-exist you get a Mixed Market. Although some economists count a fourth tier called traditional, which deals with economy of rural less technically industrialized areas with a specific targeted role in the economy. A Free-Market type is a capitalist term form businesses and consumers to pursue their buying and selling in a comparative market. The Command economy is merited by government plans for the economy, such as setting prices and the extent of services rendered. The final economic type, the mixed economy focuses on combining both free and command markets. This method is to ensure all matters of business are being regulated to the protection of the businesses and their consumers. Speaking in terms of government, the Democratic states work under free-market economy while Republican states are having more dictatorship in the Command economics of that state.

As a student, these are simple knowledge of economics you want to know when embarking on your new career. When you search for a position with an already established company in your field or opening your own business, one must be mindful of the direction your financial path is going. The age old say location is key when in business deals with more than just market your business is in in comparison to the geographically pin. You want to make sure your company is in a prime location, even questioning your state and your states politics.

Find out is your state a predominately Democratic or Republican state. Find out why other companies left hat location prior to you. Find out what you can do to stay on top of things. Are you and your views and goals in that same political frame of mind to beneficially co-exist? If you have different views from your state how will that effect your business? Factoring in these situations can greatly affect the efficiency of your business. Eliminating confusion in price points, which help guarantee customer satisfaction. For the business owners personal benefit, it can ease the stress of new business budgeting. As anyone who has ran a business or knew anyone who opened one the first 5 years are financially and operationally the most critical time for a business. This is where the business owners start to feel the pressure of the business owner’s world. Most people do not take this into consideration and this is when financial problems start to arise. The mind is set on one-way projecting business and financial budgets and one’s naïve intelligence level causes financial consequences.

Students spend at least 21 years of their life trying to prepare for their careers. When the students get to college they are faced with cramming so much information about the functions of their trade the forget or take for granted the political aspect of business ownership and or leadership. Most students go into their careers feeling confident because they feel they know everything from what they learned in school they will be fine. These premature notions and glamorized lines of thinking your things that make the new career business person start to question their decision. It seems like once this happens the business is on a fast track downhill. The competitive environment, the business owners competing for the different demands and strategic planning help the business in aspects. Finding out if the business the fresh out of college business owners and leaders are in can increase employment. Add to the efforts of lower property tax, investing rates and stimulus packages.

An example of the importance of knowing knowledge of this nature is what can make you and or your business thrive. Presidents such as George Bush Jr. and Ronald Reagan implemented certain plans to aid the economic growth of the country after its horrific financial setback. In Former President Bush's situation, the intentions were cloudy but the idea did offer hope of positivity and potential if executed right.  This was implemented in the Democratic states. Bush later eagerly urged the Republican states to approve the appeal package. For 2004 Bush proposed a $674 billion plan to boost the economy centered around eliminating the taxes investors pay on corporate dividends. This plan would also speed up tax cuts for high-income Americans. Whereas Reagan decided he would implement arguments that of conservative economist's advocating tax cuts. Unfortunately, both instances caused results the economy is suffering from to this day.

“We cannot be satisfied until every part of our economy is healthy and vigorous.” “We will not rest until every business has an opportunity to grow and every person who wants to work can find a job," said former President Bush.

When business owners know certain facts that may seem minor or relevant to your business is very relevant to your business. In return, you are relevant in the economy. Aiding in the U.S. economic growth of jobs, the stock market, and local community service and functions. Which in return lowers property and service taxes for all. Expert economists say if this professional task continues the economic expansion of the United States will be restored. We are on the right track to getting the Country back to a flourishing plentiful economy. Will working on your education for your career take the time to ask the questions that go beyond your text book. Ask how your business and your career can be protected from certain unexpected situations. What could be done differently now that you know just how the economy in all its aspects of the community and your career goals.

Pop cultures Nail Phenomonon


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Fashion, music and, fun fads are what makes pop culture pop. Through the years the fads have changed, but the elements are the same. One element has evolved tremendously. The evolution of nail art and design.

There once was a time sticker decals were the movement. Then, airbrush art became a craze that lasted a decade. Now, we have 3D nail art. Art so creative it makes everyone think why haven’t this been done sooner.

By some standards the pop culture fashion has shifted from hair to nails. We used to have big hair, creative styles, and competitive hairstylists. Now that the hair crazy has dimmed down nail artistry has a chance to shine. Maybe the nail artists were taking that time out of the spotlight to get their methods together. Do not be so quick to think the hair train has left the station. Individuals are still wearing new and trendy hairstyles, but the new blinged out nail craze is such the added bonus to the new preferred look.

Relevant music artists have helped the nail craze get a boost. Artist’s such as Cardi B., Arianna Grande, Miley Syruass, and Nikki Minaj have all been spotted rocking bedazzled nails with big 3D rhinestones and explosions of color. In addition to the fancy decorations nail artists have also been making nails into, the popular and preferred shape has changed. Nails are going from box or square shape to pointy cat claws, or stiletto shape. When clients are not getting blinged out nails, they are getting remarkable and uncanny hand painted art work of their choosing.

Performs throughout the generations have been using nails, eyelashes, and admiring luxurious hair that allows them to be extenuated on stage, but now these styles have been taken to their everyday looks scene on the streets. This makes their fans want to do as they do. So, the fans take these styles to the streets and a trendy craze is born.

Cardi B was dubbed best nail design for the Love and Hip-Hop franchise by VH1. On the networks website recapping season 6 they stated her nails were in Cardi B terms the “most poppin’” of the shows wardrobe. Another celebrity with some outrageously fun and creative nails is Lovely Mimi from Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. New to the show, Mimi is a Nail technician who wears and decorates beautiful nails in the Atlanta area. Good for Lovely Mimi, what better way of advertising her craft then sporting her own creations on main stream television. During Red carpet events, our favorite popular individuals and not only being asked to speak about they outfit’s they choose but they are also being asked about their nails too. Everywhere you look in Hollywood you can find some conversation of nail design.

Even the types of nail solution have changed. As much as the design trends are changing so is the make- up of the products that goes into them. Not only is there just acrylic-based powder, now there is gel, solar, diamond, and organic. With the whole world going green it is no surprise that ail supply companies want to get on board. It is still hard to believe that we have come such a long way from the harsh chemically compounded materials to plant based products. Such products provide added benefits such as better nail strengthener, more vitamins and a natural luster that lasts longer due to your body’s ability to soak up the nutrients for better nail care. Consumers now and days are in a rush so whenever they can do to multitask they are willing to do it.

When ladies are gathered telling nail salon stories we don’t hear much about the manicurist. We become so wrapped up in the nails themselves we put the manicurist’s that preform the task on the back burner. Circumstances that make nail salon patrons usually bring up their manicurists are either when they mess up or they have been going to the religiously for yours.

Small town Manicurist Carla Potter in Graham Texas shares her professional journey with the Graham Leader the town’s local newspaper. Carla states that as her shop has evolved throughout the decades she sees more of an influx of clients. Ms. Potter joyfully shares professional stories of when she first introduced the LED light used to dry the nails to her clients. She states, “they were a bit apprehensive, they used to insert their fingers in the dryer very slowly almost afraid of the outcome or skeptical of the machines make- up. Now it is the thing to do, and is an involuntary reaction when going to the salon”. Surprisingly, Carla confides in the newspaper by sharing that her salon has helped her become more outgoing and interactive with people. Talking to her clients and engaging in conversation allows Carla to venture out of her shell and become more of a people person.

Other manicurists say the evolution of the change in nail design has helped elevate the revenue of the shop. With new nail choices such as 3D rhinestone design, or free handed painted pictures that any client desires, shows that the most highly requested manicurists are able to charge more for the services. Implementing new more professional standards that shows the client just how just how in demand and time sensitive their jobs are. The popular demand and the returning weekly to biweekly clients prove that the technician’s requirements are for the services provided and the outcome of the product does make that understandable. The newer the craze the more expensive the demand becomes. Most salons state that they have one or two technicians depending on the salons popularity that specialize in these new style preferences. Some Nail Technicians are even starting to go by appointment only, with a deposit fee due during appointment. The prices range anywhere between the hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on the popularity of the Technician.

During my interview with local salons in the metro Atlanta, Ga area shop patrons say they pay these prices because they know the technicians are very skilled and they will bring their vision of beautiful nails just as the pictured it. With Atlanta becoming the newly nicknamed “Little Hollywood” most salon goers are individuals seeking to look like the image of the performers they aspire to be. Image is everything in Atlanta especially for the who’s who and the individuals trying to become their own little who’s who type of public figure. Between the new fashion phenom and everyone’s desire to always have flawless nails the ideas for the nail salons and their suppliers are showing that nail fashion isn’t about the longest lasting polish anymore.  It is about health, lifestyles, and culture- pop culture. We never would have expected this during the early 90’s so the question is how will these trends change by the next decade or generation inspiring their ideas of expression and beauty.

Adult Illiteracy on a Global Societal Scale

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation



Knowledge is power, so what happens if you have a lack of knowledge? Adults in America are in some ways forced to possess large quantities of knowledge in order do be deemed socially acceptable. There are plenty of opinions on the matter and even more controversy when we look at news stories from the lower socioeconomic regions of states. We question who is to blame, and why individuals feel that not knowing certain things warrants them to think others have a low intelligence rate. As a literary professional I pride myself on knowledge. When I think of adult illiteracy I look at it from a bigger picture.

Adult illiteracy is a topic I feel I should have more knowledge about if I am to be the literary success I intend to be. Each individual is different, growing up with different circumstances that allowed them to get through certain obstacles in life. What if a person did not learn a certain subject in school, or did not complete the schooling process? What if other matters made that option obsolete? One form of intellect I like to factor on is one’s ability to have common sense. Even with the adequate amount of knowledge you can still lack common sense.

In many cases if you possess a high level educational knowledge one often tends to lack the common-sense portion of knowledge. In this paper, I will summerize research regarding adult illiteracy, and interview individuals from two different educational backgrounds on the topic. Adding scholarly statistics of adult illiteracy globally. This paper will insight all of us on the significance of adult illiteracy on a global spectrum, and the affects it has on the “illiterate”.

 Adult illiteracy is a topic most scholarly and high-profile individuals feel is a huge epidemic all over the world. If we look up the definition of illiterate in the Miriam Webster dictionary the term is defined as displaying traits of a lack of familiarity with the adequate language and writing skills. Also, a violation of approved patterns of speaking and writing. Listen to those words “Violating” “Approved” patterns. It almost makes it seem like the person is committing a heinous crime. Who has that much power to name a stranger an illiterate adult, without knowing a thing about them? If they can label it with such forceful vocabulary why cant they forcefully act to correcting the issue.

Sara Roman makes a great point in her discussion thesis on adult illiteracy. Sara states that through the years the meaning of illiteracy has changed. Literacy went from the judgement of the persons abilities in correlation with their environment and historical background, to the basic abilities of simply being able to read and write. Not even the fact of knowing the meaning of the things one can say. The world has changed drastically since the early settler’s days. With more technological advances and industries evolving the need for more knowledge is vital to work certain positions in the career world. In the earlier times one could get by on just knowing what they needed for work and how to communicate with their community members. Now, individuals have the opportunity to communicate with people everywhere and conduct business with other businesses everywhere. Literacy, the product of the amount of educational retention and the lie experiences.

In current times one must know not only their basic daily practice skills but also, they must be competent enough to understand advanced complex medical information pertinent to one’s health, governmental rules and regulations, and information that can impact the places in which they live. One must be able to understand certain advances that happen over time. Some people especially elders over the age of retirement seem to take a form of laxity that hinder their ability to understand information that can affect them. If the individual cannot perform or comprehend those things, then they are seen as being an illiterate adult on a global spectrum.

 As I said in the prior section the world is changing. There are so many factors that impact the routines of all human beings on this earth. Everything you do, or use requires you to know how to use it to the best of your ability to participate in various tasks that pertain to the interaction with others. How can illiteracy effect society in a dangerous way? The well being of our friends and family is what is most important to anyone all over the world. We try our hardest to keep them from harm.

Northern Nigerian residents feel the insurgence of Boko Haram are acting out and killing the innocent due to illiteracy. The insurgence are individuals of what society will classify as an illiterate adult. They are considered illiterate be the practices ad choices they make. For an individual to blatantly go up to innocent people of their community and execute them in front of any and everyone with no disregard for another life yields adult literacy questioning. Unsuitable to understand the moral and ethical mistakes grants the title illiterate. The same goes for the Boston bombers, and the Paris bombers.

They are lacking the social and ethical ability to understand that violence is not the answer. The illiterate person is now not only hindering themselves from fully experiencing the amenities with being a literate adult, they are now harming the lives of others. On a global societal dilemma this is a huge infraction the illiterate cause on the advancement of life.

Technological advances are a huge part of our lives. Everyone has either a phone, computer, or tablet if not all the above. The world is literally at your fingertips. How could adult illiteracy effect the outcome of one’s ability to take part in the technological wave? If one cannot use the smartphones and or computers, they are missing out on an abundant amount of human interaction.

For a person who is of the elder generations, they are used to more primitive methods of communication. They are used to (depending on age) the live operator to connect you to the person in which you are calling, face-to-face communication, or mail carrier services. Now society everywhere can stay connected by new and excessively useful. Ways such as text messaging, social media, emails, and video chat. In this day we do not have to even be on the continent to have outrageous telecommunication fees to pay. Free apps made accessible to all users can now expand their businesses or horizons without even walking out of the door. That adult is not allowing themselves to be reached to certain potentially important contacts. If the adult cannot demonstrate the intelligence it takes to use the equipment they would be deemed technologically illiterate for societal standards on a global level.

Adult illiteracy as it pertains to the medical aspect of a person. There are new illnesses discovered every day, with double the amount of pharmaceuticals to accompany it. Between understanding the medical terms and the prescriptions comprehension of these topics is a subject that makes most scholarly professional scratch their head.

The definitions of the illnesses are so complex when a doctor is describing it mixed with coping with the news of the diagnosis everything seems of a foreign language. Not to mention the doctor often forgets that his patients did not attend medical school. If you can barely read or write how can you understand critical health concerns. What if you do not understand that you could be spreading diseases or viruses to everyone you come in contact with? When you leave the doctors and retrieve your prescription you face another dilemma. The prescription has side effects. If you are not able to understand the side effects from what you are taking you may display actions that are out of your character. Or worse they may cause death to you, our risk spreading something to someone else by physical contact of any sort. The living entities that inhabit the earth have a humanitarian outlook on the impact of medical illiteracy. When they are not able to due, so this is when social will claim you as illiterate.

 The National Adult Literacy Survey declared in 1992 that 23% of adults in Australia were illiterate. Roman calculated that this percentage stood for 44 million of Australia’s population. More than half of the population did not finish high school, and 25% percent of citizens have only reached a level two learning ability. This is not very good for individuals who how a place in society. The survey was conducted using adults over the age of 65. That tells us that most of the children growing up in the 90’s was taught by adults who are adult illiterate. What can they teach their grandkids? It makes us ask questions such as were we being taught the right skills we need to teach our kids. Does this start a chain of illiteracy among the population?

60-70% of the school age population in developing countries have no way of providing the students with a solid teaching rubric. The National Population Commission of Nigeria released their calculations of literacy rates in 2002. The facts state that their national average is 75%, in the urban regions it reached 88%, while in the rural regions it reached 63%. The amount of adults enrolled in the Education programs is at 82%.

 Adult illiteracy falls into a global societal issue due to ignorance of the not comprehending why the entities and not living in coordinates to be a competent member of society. The lack or knowledge makes that barrier of human interaction critical to our existence. If all individuals cannot understand the importance of the ethical implications it has on society, there will be no growth. To be a global citizen you are to be mindful of new topics in the world. New discoveries in science, geography, mathematics, and English one must stay current to stay on board. That is why their needs to be more awareness of the effects being illiterate is cause for a global acceleration of success. Making every community aware of the negligence they are committing. It is in almost all humans to want to help and do something for the betterment of the all who inhabit the earth. Make adult education courses accessible to all adults in all communities.

A society works best when all citizens participate to elevate. Technology, and new inventions warrant the need to learn new things in the world. The citizens of the world must be able to conform to new standards of living to be able to sustain their place in society. Now since recent survey’s and studies were conducted and evaluated education officials can see just how many individuals are faced with being an illiterate adult.

In Canada most individuals have a less than high school grade of completion. This makes it very difficult to get a job. Canadians are required to possess at least a sophomore level of education because of the changing times. The job requirements have gotten a bit more complex and it needs to be preformed by individuals who receive the adequate information you need for global societal literacy. The Canadian Task Force Report released a series of statements that they recommend that the federal government provide more funding to fund more adult learning programs. Along with the fact the government should create government training programs.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria have designated a way to ensure adult education access, by incorporating them into there laws regarding education. Section 18 declares the implications of free education for adult programming. Section 6 describes the subject mater covered in these programs. While Section 8 of the policy ensures the propose and procedures of the program stay current to the times.

There should be more adult education courses that conform to the subject matter an adult must be educated about in today’s society. Subjects such as government, healthcare/ health coverage understanding, and new math and science updates. Definitely a technological equipment function course. We all have witnessed the need for the technological courses from watching our parents try to use theirs phones or computers. Most adults over the age over 50 need literacy of modern technology. If officials feel that adults are below the standard literacy rate, then they should make steps to change it. They are in the position to change things, but like when tragic events happen nothing changes until innocent lives get hurt. This can also be taken in the shame context as the insurgents of Boko we discussed. If the insurgents were global that is the magnitude of the potential harm any illiterate adult can perform.

All government official in charge of education from every country needs to get together and construct a global rubric for adult literacy perfecting. They can sit and connect the countries roles to make an effective learning subject matter for adults. They can compose it to be accommodating for an easy transition into communities interacting on a global level. They can see the changes in the world, it will take leaders like them to fix the issue. In order to be a global citizen, you must be exposed to the world.

The older generations will even tell you the exploration of life starts with a book. So, give these “illiterate adults” a book, yet suitable for modern education. Use their old time wise tales to make them understand the importance. The educators need to know how to incorporate practices they are used to with skills they should be knowing now. Older generations are still in a sense skeptical of learning new age techniques. I believe it is combined with the fact that they are aging, and it does not help that the world is changing so fast. They feel like they are aging faster than they should. These courses need to be mindful of that. They need to be made to show how the knowledge they gain will improve their way of life.

In an article written by Thomas sticht for the Reading Today news publication, he addresses the matter of adult literacy being a problem even while in high school. You have not even become a formal adult out in the workforce and you are already below standards. Sticht declares the matter of adult literacy be corrected and perfected upon completion of high school.

 To quote Sticht argument, “The high schools need to ensure students can read and no school should find it acceptable to allow a student to graduate as just a functional adult.”

The fact of getting the education is not the problem for most individuals it is the time in which those classes are offered or where. Most adults must work, or they have no one to watch their children. To rectify this hurdle the government should provide childcare services at the schools, and for working individuals make employers schedule their employees to get more education. Raise the work wages and lower employee taxes businesses must pay to compensate all parties for the time. If the issue of not receiving education is the location of the facility the community should designate multiple locations to their list of available locations. The city or state should provide bus or charter vehicles available to the adults. The government can release a statement allowing individuals who offer rides to individuals needing transportation to the school then they will be able to write the gas expenses and time off on their taxes. The government will recognize it as a charitable act for annual reimbursement. If the reason for the community’s lack of available program educators, then make teachers required to provide their time as a community service requirement in order to keep their license.

In order to be an effective educator, you must be willing to devote your time to not just the school departments placement, but for the elevation for their community. One night a week educating their students parents can help the parents inspire and help their children learn. This in return will make teaching the youth easier due to their parents showing skills and features of becoming a literate adult on a global level. The kids see the parents learning and growing and it will allow them to see that after grade school you must still keep up with knowledge that can or does affect your life.

Effects of the ethical outcome of adult literacy is the health factor. Most adult suffers from depression. They feel that they do not have what it takes to be a valued person in society. This could stem from their education level. If they feel as if they are only restricted to certain subject matter the do not have much to offer in a conversation with new people. Providing education to make that possible will be a much better approach then to prescribe a medication that just keeps them stagnant in the frame of mind. The medicine will not fix the issue it only allows them to be able with the coping of the feeling. Education programs can get them to change their outlook to be mentally healthy. It begins with the simple fact of getting out and going to the school, knowing there will be people there they are going to have to interact with. Then, when they go and meet the classmates they are filled with a better sense of ease knowing they can communicate with others from other societies.

After reading or listening to them what you’re the best policies. Were you alarmed at Canada’s literacy rates? To think a 10th grade education is acceptable begs us to question the success of the businesses. If we observe the effects of literacy on a global spectrum we can understand the reasons as to why adults can be labeled illiteracy in this day. The lack of electronics, healthcare policy, and international affairs. Things are definitely different from when they were younger adults. Those learning values may have been fine for those times, but you cannot get by on just those skills now. As it seems every day the world is evolving, and the next big craze will take waves.

Adult literacy programs should be a mandate rule to have all adults stay up on their knowledge. Stay current so it makes it easier for all to transition to life’s new phase. One factor I think is beneficial in the progress towards adult literacy is the implementation government assistance programs require. If an individual is on government assistance they must be required to work or take adult education courses. The government must see you are makes efforts to upgrade your life. Most individuals have dropped out of school to raise the children and have no choice but to provide for their family with government aid. They are the ones who is helping the national illiteracy rate.

Therefore, the education mandates this policy warrants is a great avenue to make the literacy rate increase in our communities. It must be done on a governmental policy, no one notices there needs to be change until the government puts their foot done. There are steps that must be corrected or constructed in a few areas. Can it be fixed absolutely? That is why celebrates such as Iris Elba is such a great tool to get the cause and need out there. People with a platform need to be seen doing right in the society. Helping individuals with all kinds of situations in any walk of life. One’s that can help should help. It is the backbone of humanity. The backbone of the countries are their elected officials. They are the ones the people have voted to make those changes. That is why the more people that can expose the need for literacy is when we can start to see actions of change.

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation



The old presidential hotel captures your attention from a half mile away. A tall towering building grand enough to be seen from multiple directions of both residential and commercial districts. Including Georgia’s highways 285 and 85, which is known to locals as spaghetti junction. A grand statuesque erection of concrete and glass. It draws you in with the suspenseful mix of the unknown and human curiosity. Something like a museum and amusement park combined.

As you approach the abandon hotel there is a sense of mystery. Not a scary mysterious feeling just a taunting suspense of wonder. The kind that gives you chills and makes the hairs on your body stand on end. A skeptical attraction that holds you in its grasp long enough to have you feel entranced. Entranced almost like the spirits. You question their will to be there. Sure, you come at your own pleasure but how and when you leave is determined by an unknown higher power. Surveying the land finding spontaneous areas of darkness. Trees rustling; and wind whirling. The pool looked like it was stuck in the 1970s. Owned by Sharron Tate, covered yet still full. Like the rain keeps the pool filled for its hollow guests. Leaves and tree branches litter the pool area from the surrounding trees. With a 2-foot height raw iron fence, and a wooded lattice fence at the adjacent end of the pool section. The weeds and vines that intertwined up the lattice definitely gave you the impression that no one has been here in decades. My mind races of what used to be. What I thought it was like when it was a running flourishing establishment. I think of the parties it held, the guests that it saw. Fantasies of elegance and fascination that go hand in hand with the enjoyment of staying at such a hospitable location. Between history and the actual investigation, the inspection of the land is quite breathtaking.

At night sitting outside watching the perimeter for any sign of movement is a whole different feeling. You can see people looking at you from through the windows. I knew there was no one there, yet I see the hollow bodies of former hotel guests that still enjoy the stay. Once I got inside I felt like I stepped back in time. My heart trembles with suspense. I am completely in tune with my senses. Truly on guard for what could be lurking around each corner. You feel the presents of entities around you. Even though I cannot see them I know they are there. Winding hallways that lead to stairways and ballrooms. The place had a magical vibe that just enchanted anyone. Even my partner was in aww of the hotels architecture and design. A militant man who has saw his share of spontaneous pleasures and events; as well as being all to comfortable and ready for the element of surprise. He stated that it felt like stepping into another time when you entered the building, and as far as to getting the feeling of not being alone. He too could feel the presents of souls with absent bodies. The library was something you would find in the Titanic, incredibly enchanting. With frame molding that outline in 3 square patterns on the tops of each wall, and wood paneling at the bottom. Full length bookshelves with glass doors. Reading chairs strategically placed in the corners of the room.

Double entries into the building give added suspense to the investigation. You never know where you truly are going to end up. The floors that hold the rooms twirl around the outline of the building almost in a figure 8 flow, with stairways at four corners of the inner stairway structure in the middle of each tower. Able to travel about the hostel and end up at any given point. Each side of the hotel was equipped with ballrooms, state of the art kitchens and dining quarters. The ballrooms were so dark, and truly unnerving. I felt like I was going to be confronted with an encounter of surprising magnitude.  I was just waiting for something to spring up as I step on it going by. I truly couldn’t see anything. I got lost in the darkness. I just kept traveling deeper and deeper. Almost compelled to have to see if there was anything around. Something was pulling me closer and closer. My partner had to call out to me multiple times. Calling me listening to where my voice was coming from. Flashing the light around looking for me off in the distance.  Trying to find me and take me out of that ballroom.

As I search each room my mind played tricks on me. Venturing up to the suite levels, walking by each room had me quite frazzled. Rooms that I know I kept the door open to, were suddenly closed. Hearing footsteps or movement from the other side of the hallway, then when you go to inspect it there is nothing there. Things that were in places I knew they weren’t when I previously walked by. I felt like I was being watched. It felt like heads peeking around the corner. Nothing captured on film. It seemed as if the hauntings were spiteful. You wanted to catch something on camera, but the spirits did not want that to happen.

Once the shine of the flash light hits any given point that feeling subsides. It was an unfortunate realization to see the trash and disrespect that riddled the floors, and the graffiti that coated the walls. Even in the day time the stairways are dark and absent in ambience. The debris on the stairs littered the steps. Keeping the flashlight on your path, making sure that you make the next step. Your heart trembles at the suspense of wondering how structurally sound the step is. I see the devastation of deviance that defiled the property. It was no doubt a tragic sight to see. I can see the mind frame of my fellow man. Everywhere you can see there was some form of debris in your path. It was truly alarming to see the amount of vandalization that took place in the building. The missing pieces of the structure that someone considered salvageable enough to confiscate. Not to mention the electrical wires hanging from the ceiling like vines in the jungle; that you must duck and dodge on spontaneous levels of this grand abandoned hostel.

In Closing, The investigation through this hotel challenges your expectation of personal accomplishment. Like any paranormal investigation it highlights your concepts of acceptance and overcoming resistance to the unknown. When you step out on a limb here you are stepping out on faith just like life. With each achievement you conquer a deeper sense of self-affirmation and pride. You are subconsciously reassured that you have changed for a defined standard of self-empowerment.

A Las Vegas Vacation

Atlanta's Old Presidential Hotel Paranormal Investigation

A Las Vegas Vacation



For my fabulous Las Vegas vacation my cousin and I stayed at the infamous Riviera Hotel. Home to the legendary Rat Pack; Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra. All the greats themselves have stayed at the Riviera Hotel. So naturally, I was in amazement just at the history and aww being able to stay at a place where such greats have also rested their head.

To my surprise Vegas was a very kid friendly environment. When you think Vegas you think land of Sodom and Gomorrah not family. The spirit of Las Vegas filled the streets with people from all over the world trying to grab an experience of Vegas life. The streets light up like something you would see at the town square of the North Pole. As soon as you get off the plane everything in you just wants to run out of the airport and explore the strip. A feeling rushes over you, you want to see as much as you can. Places such as the fabulous Madame Tussauds house of Wax, the Venetian Hotel and their artistic Cathedral painted ceilings, and the countless performances. Each hotel equipped with a casino with 24/7 gambling opportunities.

I had the pleasure of playing slots and roulette at the Riveria hotel. My cousin and I were visiting Las Vegas for her 30th birthday, so we got up at 5 am on her birthday and hit the slots. We even took part in a morning cocktail. After all, when in Vegas do as, correct?  Not to mention as you gamble the drinks are free. Unfortunately, we won a little and lost it all. The experience of gambling in Vegas was well worth the money lost though. I dined and had cocktails at the El Segundo Col Tacos restaurant. I took pictures with showgirls and Elvis impersonators. Shopped at the Fashion Show shopping center. We even saw a psychic that told me of my husband a year and a half before I met him.

At night the Bellagio and Mirage hotels give an exciting water show. The Mirage hotel gives a whimsical volcanic eruption and water dancing show every night starting at 9:30 pm. The Bellagio’s famous dancing waterfall display draws millions to the bordering rails. Lights and water splashing up and moving about to the melody of various musical delights. The strip is geared to cater to anyone's fancy. A mall, the M&M store, and more gift shops than the corner stores of the inner city. Honestly, Vegas is the place for something for everyone. Chefs in Vegas are the finest in the world, with a cuisine catalog fit for a King. Every hotel and restaurant exports nothing but the top desirable fabulous dishes. Even the McDonald's tastes fresher. You can walk up and down the strip for hours. During our stay we blocked out sections of the strip so that we can make sure we see as much as possible during our visit each day. Unfortunately, during that trip I did not get to see a famous Las Vegas Show. Next time I will. Las Vegas nightlife is something to be envied. All different genres of music being played by the hottest and most accomplished DJ’s of the world. You get a great variety of songs to dance to making you feel that this is truly a vacation. Encouraging you to let loose and have the time of your life. I encourage everyone to go to Vegas. Whether you go by yourself or with the family you are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

M.I.A. in Miami

Suave Professionals Works Wonders

A Las Vegas Vacation



Spring Break for everyone is the vibe of South Beach. Fresh ocean air to breathe easy and let the thrill of vacationing take over your mind. Beautiful golden sand beaches sprawling for miles. The main attraction of Miami is South Beach. which you could not get me off for the first week of our stay. On your right you have the beach and to your left you have vibrant hotels and restaurants. Each restaurant has a signature drink as big as the average adult’s head. Women walking along the street selling high quality Cuban Cigars.

During our stay again with my travel partner my Cousin, we stayed at the Extended stay hotel equipped with our own mini kitchen. We stayed for 2 weeks so we figured that if we get a room with a kitchen we can save on restaurant costs. It was in the coral gables area of Miami. Shopping centers and highway access easy for any tourist to navigate through. We dined at the Pelican Cafe, Columbus Restaurant, and the News Cafe. Never spending over $50 at each establishment. We were young girls vacationing on a budget.  Always eating out on the patio overlooking the street. We saw a psychic by the name of Patricia, who gave valuable information. That palm reading cost 20$each. We got tattoos from Miami Tattoos. One burger joints you must visit is Burger and Beer Joint on S Miami rd. This cuisine is a higher end burger experience that will run you around 25$ a meal, but well worth it. One thing that shocked me is Burger King sells Beer. They call the Burger King on the South Beach Strip Burger Bar. How clever and very adult. The prices are still the usual prices one expects to pay at Burger King. We visited the Miami Zoo. What a wonderful bird exhibits they have.

We ventured off South Beach too. Traveling down south to the Swamps, this is where we took part in an everglades tour. The tour is around $25 per person. The ride on the air boat lasts for an hour through the Florida Bayou. What an adrenaline rush. To walk around where dangerous alligators rest and hunt. Not knowing they could be a mile away watching you frolic in the swamps. Being able to get up close to nature’s most deadly beasts. The thrill is real. Another adventure we went on was to the trip to the Museum of Sex. How Adult, and how fun. Art pieces that will intrigue you and others to make you clutch your pearls. Admission to this was around $25 dollars as well. We flew Spirit airlines. We did a package travel bundle that consisted of 2 round trip flights, 2 Weeks hotel stay for 2, and rental car for just over $1,000. It was so fun. Our first trip and well worth every experience. We keep meaning to return.

Maine, The Great Northern Escape

Suave Professionals Works Wonders

Suave Professionals Works Wonders



For those who want to feel like you are in a new country without leaving the states, my suggestion is Maine. Home to the finest Lobster in the world, with harbors and seaports at every turn, the seafood is certainly fresh and plentiful. Maine is also a place to explore hobbies and attractions such as hunting, gem mining or sifting, and any outdoor experience you can think of.

When I stayed in Maine, my 8-month living experience was quite an eye opener. The first time I had been so far away from home and family. A 20-year-old girl embarking on her journey to find knowledge and life experience. The reason for my stay was due to me furthering my education.  I attended Penobscot Job Corps Academy for Culinary and Pastry Arts. Located in the states capitol of Bangor, on Union St. The trip and all expenses were paid by Penobscot Job Corps Academy. Traveling by way of Greyhound, chauffeured by Job Corps Staff.

My first thought arriving in Maine was oh my God there is trees everywhere. Being a city girl, I had never saw so many trees. I was absolutely in shock. That is all I mentioned to my loved ones back home. I couldn't re-iterate it enough. I definitely got the impression I was not home anymore. I was ready though, I was excited. I was ready to complete my education and take on the world. While exploring life in the process. The shopping mall was small and displayed the look of the Maine feel. Housing shops such as Sears, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and Urban outfitters. Maine was more country than I expected. Farming communities for miles with simple country landscape. Elegant lighthouse light the coastline, and romance that filled the air. I myself got tangled in a Maine love tale.

My most memorable and best memory of Maine was looking at Steven King's home. Maine is the place where all his movies are based and filmed.  I had the opportunity to have a bus driver from the school, know where his house was; and show us. It was just down the street from our campus. I couldn't believe I was living down the street from a Hollywood legend here in lil old quaint Maine.  What a glorious residence. An Iron fence in the form of spider webs made for a haunting ambiance. A grand red brick 2 story home with an adjacent matching guest house to the right. Sitting on a quaint landscape. Grass perfectly manicured with just the right touch of shrubs and trees. I was in awe, it was such an enchanting site to see.

The locals there are hard people to some up in one common general term. Some were friendly and sweet as pie, others were miserably mannered and prejudicial in demeanor and interaction. When you go to Maine I did get a since of segregation. You are going there for family bonding or education. The locals do not give you a feeling of come and stay a while. I got the notion to get what I came for and leave. Of course, everyone ventures to Maine for many different reasons. I do encourage everyone the opportunity to explore Americans most beautiful Northern State. It is truly an experience, a place to get away, be at one with nature, and focus on you or your family’s vacation. Go to Maine see a lighthouse, eat some lobster, and explore America’s great outdoor escape. It does not matter, but whatever you choose be safe and have fun. Just be careful not to become the muse for Stephen King’s next box office smash.

Suave Professionals Works Wonders

Suave Professionals Works Wonders

Suave Professionals Works Wonders



In the health and beauty section Suave Professionals hair care line has improved greatly. In past years the quality was held below consumer satisfaction standards. With innovation in a competitive market Suave Professionals a L’Oréal company has re-created their shampoo and conditioners.

Specializing in tackling a plethora of hair concerns. Striving to change their reputation in the hair care industry. The Suave brand has been around for over 75 years, but in 2016 they reintroduced their Suave Professionals line. Promoting healthy hair infused with oils, vitamins, and natural ingredients. In hopes to persuade the masses to try them out and assure consumers their brand can be held to the new expectations it entails.

For the past few months I have been using these Suave Professionals salon approved products. I have used the Biotin Infused shampoo for strengthening, Deep Moisture Replenish Hydrating Shampoo to add Moisture (7x), and their Ultra Sleek and Smooth Conditioner for anti-frizz relief. The product is packaged in sleek bottle with appealing whimsical abstract art design to highlight the label with the types of hair benefits each bottle is powered with. The sizes come in either 12.6 FL OZ. and 28 FL OZ. bottles with a price tag of between $1.25 and $4.75 depending on the location of purchase. Suave Professionals can be purchased at any general merchandise, drug, and grocery store. Each bottle provides a generous portion provided to last a good length of time. One would think that with new and improved formula the price would increase. Allow me to inform you the prices are still the same low-cost price points that anyone can afford.

The time frame one must wait to see results is minimal. In fact, I was shocked at the results. The Biotin shampoo and Ultra Sleek and Smooth anti frizz conditioner were the first I tried. Within the first two washes I started seeing major improvement. The Biotin strengthening shampoo stopped the breakage of my hair by 98%. I realized significantly less hair trapped in the brush, with virtually no hair spontaneously falling out throughout the day. Suave’s sleek and smooth anti-frizz conditioner certainly helps maintain the frizziness. Leaving your hair unbelievably soft and easily manageable. This product works wonders whether using it in normal general hair washing practices or as a deep conditioning treatment. I have seen major improvement in my hair since using these products. I am highly satisfied with the results and would recommend this line to everyone. Suave has definitely made a believer out of me, now its your turn. Go and get yours and see the results for yourself.